Sunday 21 October 2012

Installing MVC3 after Installing MVC4

Installing MVC3 after Installing MVC4


I came across this situation when i recently installed VWD 2010.. When i installed MVC4 template;I found out that MVC3 template disappeared after this installation..
Here is this trick I found out in order to resolve this problem..
There is this Nuget Template that gets installed by default when u install MVC4.
If you have this problem, go to Add Remove Programs in the control panel and remove NuGet and the reinstall Mvc3 and the templates will be available.   
For More Details, Here are few links for you to refer:
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  1. Благодарю Вишал! Решение работает. MVC3 исчез после установки MVC4 и его нужно было заново установить.

  2. Translation of the Above Comment:
    Thank you Vishal! The solution works. MVC3 MVC4 disappeared after installation and had to be re-set.


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