Wednesday 13 February 2013

10000 PageViews in 105 Days from more than 95 Countries

10000 PageViews in 105 Days from more than 95 Countries

Well this time I want to say something to you all. I started this blog around 14th October,2012 just with an idea of sharing my knowledge and experience with the Community Members. I gathered some codes and created some new one.. But the sole intention was to give you guys the best Code Snippets available in the market. So I would not take the entire credit for this Website as there are numerous people involved in making this site either Knowingly or Unknowingly. 

About Me:

Well I am a graduate in Information Technology (B-Tech-IT) 2011 Batch.. Pretty Junior in comparison with other technical people out there in the market. But In my view it doesnt matter at all. Age is not what should restrict a person from helping others. I know there might be millions of people who are technically much more superior than me in the industry. But this is not what it all counts. They know but they cant share. I know and I share.. This is the difference.

When I  was in my college days My teacher would laugh at me as I didnt know simple C and OOPs concept.. That is the gap in the college education and practical knowledge. They would be amazed if they ever come to know that I am in the industry and doing good as well. The thing is Practical Knowledge really matters.. You cant learn everything with theory.. I never attended any tuition or additional classes for programming.I learn what Industry taught me. But I would like to thanks the Moderators and Developers in the ASP.Net forums which has become the Mecca for my learning.. I learnt most of my programming skills from there itself..

There are many people involved to make me what I am today.. I would like to name few of them.. First of all I would like to thanks Mr.Nitesh Maheswari,MD,Orange Softech Pvt. Ltd., for giving me the opportunity to step into this industry. Then Miss Jyoti Mahalik who was my first trainer @ Orange Softech. I would also like to thank Ashok Dhal, Sanchita Rano and Kirtika Pandey who were training and shaping my skills at the beginning of my career.From ASP.Net Forums I would like to thanks Kris van der Mast, Rami Vemula, Ruchira Chanaka Gamage, Suwandi oned gk, Rajneesh Verma,Ignat Andrei, Vincent Maverick and many more. I would also like to thanks Mr. Abhishek Sur for making me a part of Kolkata Geeks Community.

Finally I would like to thanks Mithilesh Kumar Singh,TL,TTL who is a role model in my life and my childhood teacher Md. Furquan Alam and last but not the least my Mom,Dad and Brother for supporting me in my worst times.

Today I work as Web Developer@Tata Technologies, Jamshedpur. Apart from this I am a regular Answerer in Microsoft ASP.NET Forums. I currently possess 200th Rank in the All Time Top Answerer Section of the forums with 11,000+ points. If  I cross 15000 points points within this year; I would be second youngest Community Member to be in the prestigious All-Star Category..

You can find me here:

Finally I would like to share the statistics of this Website from 1st November,2012 to Present:

And Here is the list of regular visitors of Our site across the Globe:

From Future Perspective I have thought a lot about this Website.. In the coming days I would improve the layout of the site.. The codes would become more clearer. I would give the download facility to download the Working Examples. Would integrate Video and Gif tutorials with each Code Snippet. Finally Would start a beginner tutorial guides with Video and Gif Tutorial. Please Stay with us for these goodies...

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