Saturday 15 December 2012

Interview with Andrei Ignat

Interview with Andrei Ignat

Andrei Ignat is current Microsoft MVP and one of the moderators of ASP.Net Forums.

Mr. Andrei Currently work as Senior Programmer in Ubisoft. He is an exceptional Programmer with more than 15 Years of Experience in IT Industry.

You can visit him @ his website

Here are the glimpses of the Interview:

Q1.Tell Something  About Yourself?
I am Andrei Ignat , MVP in C#. I view myself as a skilled programmer.

Q2.What do you do?
I develop applications and I learn programming.

 Q3.What is your Development Environment?
Visual Studio and more, more tools. You can find my tools at
Q4.What is your Area of Interest?
Primary, WebDevelopment. Secondary Asp.NET MVC

Q5.How did you get started Programming?
I have had a copy of Basic. Then Visual Basic 3.0

Q6.How has the developer Community Influenced your coding?
By reading others code – and see what’s worst.

Q7. Your Role Model/Programmer?
Scott Hanselman

Q8.Your Favourite Websites and Blogs?
Any programming blogs.

Q9.Your Hobbies?
Chess , Literature, Travel, programming.

Q10.Apart from Programming what do you  do?
Teaching others.

Q11. If you were not a programmer  what would be you?

Q12.Your Favourite Holiday Spot?
Any sea and any mountain

Q13.Advice to New Programmers ?
Read and program.

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